Recommended Brands and Tips for Adult Lolitas

Recommended Brands and Tips for Adult Lolitas

written by kawacura

For true Lolitas, the love of the fashion and desire to be an eternal Lolita never wans with age! That said however, current (unfortunate) definitions of beauty by the commercial, corporate world focuses heavily on size proportions and age limits etc.  Therefore it is a sad fact that often more mature aged Lolitas often become somewhat self-conscious about dressing in their favorite frock and fashion publically.  So, in this article we will take a look at some of the more popular styles and brands that look fantastic on all Lolitas, regardless of their age!  So read on below and by all means use this as a reference when shopping for cordes in the future.

I Wanna Be An Adult Lolita!


Despite the statistic that most Lolitas become fans of the fashion in their teens, due to the fact that Lolita fashion is becoming more and more popular each and every year, many enthusiasts grow fond of the fashion at various stage of their lives regardless of age.

The level of Adult Lolitas is actually probably much higher than you at first think!  Partly to the recent boom, but more so due to simple logistics.  With the degree of quality, excellence and exclusivity of most Japanese Lolita brands, often the price per piece is quite expensive in comparison to regular non-labelled clothing.  Therefore it is hard for teenagers, students and those without disposable income to fully and wholeheartedly build up an extensive and exquisite Lolita wardrobe.  However, once earning a stable wage and having acquired the major necessities to survive (shelter, furniture, electricals etc.) generally a few years have past.  It is for this common reason that Lolitas who in their youth loved the fashion yet couldn’t afford it are coming back to the scene or those who have the ability and means to take up a new interest in Lolita fashion, that the recent boom of Adult Lolitas is so prevalent!

So it with this in mind that we share with you today some tips and advice on our top 3 best brands (in compliance with the theme set) and ways to enjoy Lolita fashion for as long as you care to, regardless of age or demographics. ♪

Recommended Brands for Adult Lolitas



So no matter how you define adulthood, there is a certain level of quality, class and elegance that goes along with it and our first recommendation exudes exactly that! MilleFleurs (Mill Fleur) is perfect for all who want to eloquently stand out from the crowd in a subtle and sophisticated manner and for those who have dreamt of princesses throughout their entire life!

Victorian maiden


Continuing on with the highlighted brands, the next that we are thrilled to incorporate into this list is Victorian maiden.  The styles and designs of their fashion holds a special awe and atmosphere full of romantic coquettish.   Simple, delicate designs fused with cute frills and lace is a common trait amongst the brand, which is great for maintaining elegance with subtle flair and flamboyancy.  So if you are someone who loves timeless classics, then be sure to check out the entire range of pieces produced by Victorian maiden!

Mary Magdalene


Completing the Top 3 is Mary Magdalene.  Due to a recent rise in popular and number of sales, this brand has become extremely exclusive with new arrival items selling out almost immediately upon release – and it is with good reason that the brand has become so successful!  With an exceptional level of quality and attention to detail the items produced are both structurally function and delightfully decadent!  So, again make sure to consistently check the official website to not miss out on any recent releases!

Techniques to Hide the Areas that Worry You


It is a sad yet undeniable truth that the body begins show signs of ageing despite how young at heart someone is. These signs fortunately tend to occur universally so it is possible to be aware of certain techniques which reduce the visibility of such signs.  So fear not!  There is no need to give up on your youthful love of fashion irrespective of age.

The first item that we are suggesting here is a set of lace gloves, as can be seen above. The delicacy of these elbow length gloves essentially overcome two obstacles at once, by being thin and unobtrusive enough to maintain dexterity they can be worn continuously through a Tea Party event, they also mask any signs of aging on the hands and arms.


Next item up are these adorable tights! In the cooler months of the year tights are an essential addition to any outfit and like the gloves they also cover up areas that you may potentially not be so confident about. Tights have become such a key element of coordinating Lolita fashion that there is a near limitless range of options to choose from!  Be it subtle monochromatic stylings to vibrant, eye catching designs full of various motifs, colors and materials, there are dedicated tight stores which cater for any and every one!


Another key area to perhaps pay attention to if feeling a little self-conscious is the neckline, which unfortunately is a prominent area where age-lines tend to form… This can be countered however by utilizing a high standing collared blouse with your coord. The featured blouse above is a perfect example of this in that it is elegant in style with delicate decorated ribbons and frills yet subtle in color and sleekness that it doesn’t draw too much attention!

Continuing on with this theme, chockers are also a cheap and easy way to achieve the same result that can be used with you existing pieces without having to buy a new blouse etc.

Colors Are Important!


Of course when purchasing new products the design and brand choice is very important, yet with there often being a wide range of color spectrums within a certain design, paying attention to a specific color is also a crucial element. Stating the obvious, pale pastel colors create a sense of sweet innocence whilst deeper, richer tones create a more humble, modest and regal atmosphere.
So try experimenting with new color schemes when next in the market for a new piece.


Following on, deep reds and navy blues are also perfect for the cooler months of the year as they ignite feelings of warmth and stability. So with new releases being announced constantly we highly suggest checking in regularly to not miss out on the latest styles and trends of the season!


Hopefully, this article has provided some confidence to those who may be lacking in such, and a reminder to other more youthful people to be aware of some of the obstacles that Adult Lolitas sometimes face. Yet all in all, we hope that you and all continue to love beautiful clothes and the magic of Lolita fashion!  ♪