ECONECO ROOM! : A Unique Event That You Definitely Don’t Want To Miss!

ECONECO ROOM! : A Unique Event That You Definitely Don’t Want To Miss!

written by kawacura

Making full use of fantastic colors and delicate, dainty designs the “Dream Cute” themed event of Ekoneko opens today!  So read on for more details so that you won’t miss out on this fantastic affair!

Works by the Renowned Illustrator Ekoneko-san


A key aspect and highlight of the works and illustrations of Ekoneko-san (Miss Picture Cat) besides her fantastic designs is her brilliant use of coloring and complexion! Described as art filled with the color of magic, her illustrations are nothing short of a world of pure fantasy! ♪

Attention All! Come Notice the Charming Wonders of This Collaboration Event

ekoneko1 ekoneko2

The first half of this unique and vibrant event is filled with the amazing artwork of Ekoneko-san followed on by a presentation from the popular characters of Sanrio, such as Kikirara, in the second half! At the event limited edition items and products can be purchased yet with the level of quality and expected attendance, stocks are sure to sell out fast so be sure to head on down to the event so as to not miss out!

Event Details & Information

Dates:                   6th November 2015 ~ 27th November 2015

Location:              Yurakucho Marui 1F Calendar Room


For more detailed information please visit the official event website here;

For a closer look at Ekoneko, please visit the official online shop of Ekoneko where you can view a plethora of wonderful dreamlike items that can be purchased!