The Life of Marie Antoinette as Expressed Through Shoes!

The Life of Marie Antoinette as Expressed Through Shoes!

written by kawacura

For those that are familiar with the history, when speaking of Marie Antoinette, many thoughts and images may come to mind, yet for those not so well versed in the roller-coaster ride that was her life, simply enjoy the beauty of these shoes to gain a brief look at the inspiration and historical reverence that her immeasurable life has left on the world!

A Representation of the World of Marie Antoinette though Footwear

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One of the most difficult aspects when producing intrinsic art is the necessity of a little immigration of both the creator and the viewer need to be to be able to fully appreciate the piece. Fashion is no different in this aspect!  So it is with this idea in mind that is the concept and inspiration to express the life of Marie Antoinette through footwear.  The range is currently available in three designs which are designed and articulated as three stages of Marie Antoinette’s life, “Childhood”, “Wedding” and “Prime”.

The Production of these Ingenious, Innovative Shoes


The classical designs and beauty of these shoes has been released by the incorporated corporation “Dolls” under the brand label “Mayla Classic”. With the designers interested in and learning about European culture from a very young age, the creative designs are full of authenticity and elegance.


These limited edition shoes are exclusively sold only through online sales over the internet. So if interested in these shoes that are not only super comfortable to wear but are all undeniably wearable art, then be sure to check out entire range in more detail before stocks sell out!