NO.S PROJECT : Top 5 Recommendations!

NO.S PROJECT : Top 5 Recommendations!

written by kawacura

Brand Concept

NO.S PROJECT is a highly acclaimed, up-and-coming brand that incorporates various aspects and elements of Harajuku fashion to produce unique, fun, invigorating designs with sensational style! Perfect for fashion enthusiasts of any age, this at times slightly more mature focused label concentrates primarily on high quality products without conceding on cuteness and elegance!  With a mission statement concerned with creating real-life fashion that emphasize the inner beauty of people that truly desire and want to wear fabulous fashion filled with various silhouettes and fabrics, this label has become an instant hit with fans around the world!

So read on below to see our choice recommendations and how to enjoy this label which is filled with positive potential!


#1:  NO.S PROJECT Piano Skirt


A member of the Classic & Noble Collection, this skirt is the embodiment of NO.S PROJECT’s such ideals: The gorgeous wide skirt gathered together under a high waist emphasizes your feminine form without revealing too much, a design seemingly born from the merging of a bell skirt and a Japanese hakama. The playful piano key design at the hem of the skirt breaks its rigor reminiscent of girls’ private schools, making it a stylish piece suitable for most occasions. It looks good with anything from super frilly to puritan simplicity, so all that’s left is to spin around and let the melody flow in the air!


  • Front: 100% polyester
  • Lining: 100% polyester
  • Other: 100% cotton

Size Chart

Size Chart (cm / in) Small Medium Large
Waist 62-66 / 24.4-26 66-70 / 26-27.6 70-74 / 27.6-29.1
Total Skirt Length 54 / 21.3 57 / 22.4 60 / 23.6

All measurements are approximations.


US $168.99 (Free international shipping currently available)  (JPY ¥ 20,825)


#2:  NO.S PROJECT Denim Corset


The NO.S PROJECT Denim Corset can be enjoyed like a vest, and is easy to wear since all you have to do is put in on and zip up the fastener on the side. Let the shirring at the back of the corset make the piece tighten around your body for a beautiful silhouette, and let the rose knit design on the front add an additional touch of femininity. Wear the corset together with your favorite frilled blouses or lace tops, and show the world a sweet and classy image that it will find difficult to take its eyes off.


  • Front Fabric: 100% cotton
  • Lining Fabric: 100% polyester
  • Lace Fabric: 100% cotton
  • Embroidery: 100% rayon

Size Chart

Size Chart (cm/in) S M L
Bust 87/34.3 91/35.8 95/37.4
Waist 64-68/25.2-26.8 68-72/26.8-28.3 72-76/28.3-29.9
Hip 94/37 98/38.6 102/40.2
Length 10.5/4.1 11/4.3 11.5/4.5

All measurements are approximations.

Price:  US $89.99 (Free international shipping currently available)  (JPY ¥ 11,090)


#3:  NO.S PROJECT Ladies Jodhpurs


The Japanese fashion brand NO.S PROJECT is known for their unique and beautifully designed products, and these Ladies’ Jodhpurs are yet another fantastic addition to their line. Available in medium, large, and extra large sizes, they’re loose at the thigh and end a bit tighter around your knee, making them wonderful to wear with tall boots, and they come up to your waist, wonderful for coordinating with some of NO.S PROJECT’s high-quality corsets and tops!


  • Outer: 100% polyester
  • Pocket: 100% polyester

Size Chart

Size Chart (cm/in) M L LL
Waist 64/25 68/27 72/28
Hips 106/42 110/43 114/45
Inseam 46/18 47/19 47/19

All measurements are approximations.

Price:  US $112.99 (Free international shipping currently available)  (JPY ¥ 13,924)


#4:  NO.S PROJECT Bavarian Style Dress


A perfect reflection of the brand concept is the NO.S PROJECT Bavarian Style Dress, which wonderfully carries the essence of spring and summer and presents it in a fairy-tale inspired design.

Not only is the floral pattern absolutely gorgeous, the tailoring at the bust line and from the back down to the waist allow the dress to accentuate your style. A raised waistline makes your legs appear even longer, while the beautiful flare gather design provides graceful and free flowing movement. Finished off with a cute ribbon on the back, the NO.S PROJECT Bavarian Style Dress looks fantastic from any angle, and will definitely become one of your signature pieces. Pair the dress together with a ruffle shirt and dressy pumps, and start off on your very own fairy tale.


Ivory, Violet


  • Front Fabric: 100% cotton
  • Lining Fabric: 100% polyester

Size Chart:

Size Chart (cm/in) S M
Bust 89/35 93/36.6
Waist 67-73/26.4-28.7 73-77/28.7-30.3
Total Length of Skirt 57/22.4 60/23.6

All measurements are approximations

Price:  US $201.99 (Free international shipping currently available)  (JPY ¥ 24,864)


#5:  NO.S PROJECT Miko Kimono Purse


Purses are one of NO.S PROJECTS main profiles, they come in all styles and shapes ranging from sailor to Alice in Wonderland. This particular purse draws from the attire of miko, Japanese priestesses or shrine maidens, which traditionally consists of a red hakama or skirt, a white kimono jacket, and hair ribbons in either of the colors. In order to achieve a refined appearance, these purses are made of carefully selected silken-touch polyester material and are hand-sewn with utmost attention to details from the pleated underpart and the cute ribbon down to the tricky collar. With its taller shape, NO.S PROJECT’s miko purse is suitable for carrying around your phone, IDs, money, or lipstick –anything that’s small enough and good to have by your side– while giving a piece of Japan to your attire!


  • Vermilion
  • Deep BlueSize Chart

Size Chart:

Size Chart (cm / in)
Height 15 / 5.9
Width 8 / 3.1
Gusset 2.4 / 0.9
Length (Metal Fittings) 3.5 / 1.4

All measurements are approximations.

Price:  US $44.99 (Free international shipping currently available)  (JPY ¥ 5,538)



Hopefully some of the highlighted products featured above have stimulated and invigorated your appeal for this fantastic fashion brand that is sure become a much more common name worldwide within the near future! So make sure to check out the entire range soon as there are already many products and beautiful pieces that have already sold out!