Attention SteamPunk Fans !!  –  Enigma : The Futuristic / Historical Cafe

Attention SteamPunk Fans !! – Enigma : The Futuristic / Historical Cafe

written by kawacura

The World’s First Kinetic Cafe

Recently (according to the promoters) the world’s first “Kinetic Steampunk Café” was launched in Romania.  This unique and inspiration project stemmed from the collective creative genius of designers Alexandru Tohotan and Zoltan Zelenyak, who drew worldwide acclaim and fame for their previous projects the  “Submarine”  and the  “Joben Bistro”.

Yet despite their amazing works in the past, the latest installment to their portfolio, The Enigma Café, is without a doubt a masterpiece that even Jules Verne and H.G Wells would awe at!  So read on for more photos and details!




Full of large mechanical gear and chain based mechanics and machines, at first glance the entirety of the scene may appear to be slightly overwhelming. Yet after settling into the futuristic Victorian era atmosphere of the space, under closer inspection the intricate complexity of the project begins to shine though as eyes widen and utter amazement sets in!!




Over Two Years of Construction

The story of time is a story about ourselves, as the designers explain: “Universally, time is a giant clock. This is why our design story starts with a clock — not just any clock, but one that gives you the feeling of being inside it. Placed on the far wall of the bar, the clock impresses at first because of its size.

“Framed by a wooden rim, the clock offers an inside perspective, with dozens of wheels of different sizes moving at the same time. The clock is also illuminated by an LED band on the edge of the wooden frame. Mechanically, what we were trying to build here was an inside view of time itself.”

There’s a deeper idea underlying the concept of this space, as the designers unveil: “Various details focus on labyrinthian imagery: the patterns on the ceiling, multiple industrial boards representing secret entrances to all those possibilities life has reserved for us, the key to which are the ultimate choices we make, choices which will either imprison us or set us free.

“Like any piece of machinery, the time we have created in Enigma is powered by an engine also clearly visible to the naked eye, placed on the front wall of the bar counter. This serves as a power outlet for both the giant clock and the time machine shaped as an elevator meant to take you to different time zones. We’ve set it all up for you: a designed story of time.”





The Time Slave





True to the name of the establishment, Enigma is floor to wall to ceiling full of astonishing movable, kinetic apparatuses that stir imaginations and bring out the inner child within all of us!  So weather you are a fan of Steampunk in general or not, this particular café experience is well worth traversing the globe (preferably in a hot air balloon! J  )  to Romania to fully feel the mysterious magic that is the Enigma Café!

That said, if your hot air balloon is currently out of gas or in need of some patchwork repairs, enjoy this video walkthrough of the “world’s first kinetic café!”



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For more breathtaking photos and information on the creators of the Enigma Café check out the designers official website 6th sense interiors!