★ ALICE and the PIRATES : New Releases! ★

★ ALICE and the PIRATES : New Releases! ★

written by kawacura

In this article today we introduce our carefully selected top recommendations from the latest series of the highly popular brand ALICE and the PIRATES, yet be quick, for these wonderful pieces are sure to sell out fast!





For those not in the know, ALICE and the PIRATES is a subsidiary brand from the designers and team of Baby the Stars Shine Bright, formed back in 2004.   The concept of the launch was to cater to the darker, more gothic and aristocratic side of Lolita fashion that may not particularly fit with the softer, sweeter, more pastel and innocent look of the original line.  Since then however, Alice in its own right has become an extremely popular and well renowned label all over there world!


Recommended Dresses



Leading the lineup of our top recommendations for this article is this exquisite one piece dress! The “Riviera” one piece dress is true to the BTSSB heritage as it incorporates stylish, subtle silhouettes with unique, refined materials and cute color schemes is absolutely adorable!

Price:  23,544 yen(Tax Inclusive)




Following on is the “Ansie Princess” one piece dress.  This is another item that is aptly named, for when wearing this beautiful gown, one truly does feel as if they have been immortalized in a storybook as a fairytale princess!  With a slightly plumper, higher volume skirt highlighted by a tight elegant waist and available in five different regal color schemes with sophisticated white lace trims and hem all result in an overall gorgeous gown!

Price:  24,624 yen(Tax Inclusive)




Continuing on is the “Rose’s Prisoner in Pirates Ship” one piece dress with its alluring cross neckline.  Elegant, regal decorations covering the majority of the dress with sophisticated chiffon lace ruffles and trim highlighted by the positive negative space aspects and ribbons, make this dress one of our most favorite pieces of all time from the brand.  So be it instore or online, this is without a doubt one dress that you should definitely try to get your hands on before it’s too late!

Price:  34,344 yen(Tax Inclusive)




The final item within the dress sub-category is the chic “Pirate Ship” one piece dress.  Fashioned after a simple sailor like style of cut, coloring and design, this super cute dress features a wonderfully intricate yet not overwhelming Pirate Ship motif on the lower left hand side.  Being both subtle and captivating, the attention to detail with lace and perfectly positioned ribbons, makes this dress an absolute winner!

Price:  19,224 yen(Tax Inclusive)


Recommended Tops



Topping the charts of our top recommended tops (sorry, couldn’t resist) is the alluring “Adonis du cadavre blouse”.  Available in either black or white this magnificent shirt/blouse is offered in both a men’s and women’s version!  With both color schemes so precise and perfect in their completion, we highly recommend including both variations into your wardrobe!  With beautifully tailored lines, colors and hems, this seductive top is form fitting where it needs to be, loose where it should be and clean and rough at the same time to result in a remarkable piece of fashion and art!  The intricacy even flows down to the unique buttons on the front and cuffs which further add to the contrast between rough and refined!  Similarly the removable necktie enhances the usability of this piece as it can be dressed either up or down or coordinated with an almost infinite number of possible options! This ladies and gentlemen, THIS, if you are a fan of fashion, is the one piece that you owe yourself to own!

Price:  14,904 yen(Tax Inclusive)




Due to the fact that the aforementioned shirt/blouse is so ridiculously stylish and fashionable, we here at KawaCura felt compelled to add the supplementing jacket to which a complete outfit (especially when combined with the subsequent pants) can be easily and effortless achieved!  (Refer to the following picture)




The “Adonis du cadavre jacket” is similarly available in both a men’s and women’s version yet this time only available in the one color option, black.  The attention to detail around the collar, cuffs and pockets create a remarkably regal feel which suits perfectly for any and all classical or aristocratic ensemble as well as working well with gothic and punk elements!  All in all, this versatile jacket is another item in which you can’t go wrong!

Price:  22,464 yen(Tax Inclusive)


Recommended Outerwear



As the current season here in Japan is fast approaching winter, all outfits and ensembles at this time of year need an accessorizing outerwear.  So it is with this in mind that the following items have been selected.  The “Lace Long Coat” can be perfectly paired with a variety of fashions, styles and brands as it is uniformly chic in its design and appearance.  Because of the discreet subtlety it may be hard to discern, yet this jacket is named so due to the beautifully intricate lace weaving and patterns around the collar, cuffs and button line.  With removable (acrylic) fur neck and wrist linings and ribbons this 50/50 wool polyester blended coat is extremely warm, durable and undeniably cute!  Again, available in both white and black option this is another sure to sell out fast unique item, so be quick if not wanting to miss out!

Price:  44,280 yen(Tax Inclusive)




If the cooler seasons aren’t as cold as other places to warrant a full length coat, then the “Lace short peplum coat” option is a definite must have!  Similar to the long lace coat, this option also featured beautiful designs and removable fur at the collar and wrists to properly acclimatize to the surroundings.

Price:  27,864 yen(Tax Inclusive)


Recommended Footwear



Obviously no outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes.  Furthermore, in some cases entire outfits are completely coordinated around those “to-die-for” shoes!  The footwear included in the ALICE and the PIRATES range is of course no exception and part of that top tier must-have footwear.  The “Cabriole Legs ribbon shoes” are an exemplary example of this! With sweet ribbons on the ankle and a unique stem that resembles an aristocratic grand piano leg, these shoes are sure to cause a stir of emotions at any and every tea party or event!  Available in four different color options; Bordeaux, Navy, Black & Gold, they are sure to match with a wide variety of outfits and ensembles!

Price:  15,984 yen(Tax Inclusive)




The “A/P Clara short boots” are another essential must-have item for the cooler months of the year.  This short, high-cut boot or high, low-cut boot is great for autumn and winter fashions and perfect for highlighting a particular pair of designer tights or for creating that alluring space between footwear and skirt.  Also available in four different color options; Off-white, Brown, Black & Gold, many sizes have already sold out, so be quick to not miss out!

Price:  18,144 yen(Tax Inclusive)


Hopefully some of the beautiful items featured above have piqued your interest in the fabulous fashion brand that is ALICE and the PIRATES, so with stores located all over Japan and even certified stockists overseas along with a user-friendly online shop and ease to use international shipping system, there is no reason not to further enjoy these pieces along with many more!