Angelic Pretty ☆ 15 Year Anniversary Celebratory Banquet ☆

Angelic Pretty ☆ 15 Year Anniversary Celebratory Banquet ☆

written by kawacura

The brilliant fashion brand that is Angelic Pretty, has had a rich and illustrious history which actually began over 35 years ago in 1979 under the simple name of Pretty, yet in the 2001 the label officially changed the name to Angelic Pretty.

For those not so familiar with this pioneer fashion icon, Angelic Pretty produces a wide assortment of Lolita fashion goods and clothing, predominately within the Ama-Loli (Sweet Lolita) sub-category focuses heavily on a accessories, coats, dresses, jumper skirts, blouses, cutsews, skirts, headdresses, petticoats and bloomers, shoes, socks, bags and more…


Dreamlike in Comparison : The Angelic Pretty Tea Party! ☆


Full of beautiful lines, fashionable frills, gorgeous ruffles and ribbons, the luxurious designs that are Angelic Pretty are as timeless as they are immediate!  Being celebrated all across the country, the anniversary themed Tea Parties have been a magnificent success, yet it is the 7th of December Tokyo Hilton Odaiba “Luminous Night Festival” event that has everyone on tip toes and the edge of their seats in anticipation!

Even though the historical Tokyo event is already sold out, we will further update on how the party transcribed.  Thus the following depicted photos are from previous events and just a sneak peek of what may be.  ☆


Appropriate Cordes to Wear at an Angelic Pretty Event


If used to large scale events with the majority of attendees dressed and styled in similar fashion, then this type of event may be perfect for you!  ♡  With analogous accessories, headwear, shoes and outfits the typical fashion of such sponsored events tends to be predominately brand orientated and perfect for twins or friends who love to do the whole “pair-look” thing!  That said though, if you happen to have a slightly stronger sense of individualism and uniqueness wanting to combine a variety of styles, fashion and brands together… then perhaps more independent events may be better suited.

In recent years in particular, popular handmade tailored coords have risen in popularity.  Yet the stylistic clothes and fantastical designs of Angelic Pretty which is full of fairytale storybook atmosphere and magic is nonetheless eternally fashionable and forever adored by all.  ☆


International Angelic Pretty Events


Not only held within Japan yet also internationally, Angelic Pretty sponsored large-scale events and tea parties are universally loved with attendance in high demand.  In 2015 alone, events and fashion shows have been held in numerous countries worldwide, including the United States, Finland, France, Japan, and more.  With fans growing worldwide and international stimulus expanding progressively, the above photo, shot at a fashion show in Paris is of Lolita fan and professional model “Mila”-san who is also active in KERA and NHK International.

Throughout the illustrious and renowned chronicle is Angelic Pretty they have been regularly featured in such iconic fashion heralds as “The Gothic & Lolita Bible”, “Kera” and “Spoon”.  So be sure to look out for these hot presses in which you can discover all of the latest impressionable designs and fashion centerpieces, in which you can remove and use to cover your walls or frame, just like the good old eighties and nineties.  ☆


The New Angelic Pretty Whip Jacquard


The “Jacquard” series features attractive, sweet, original prints that are bold in flavor and fashion!  Being slightly heavier in denier and full of lace, ribbons and decorations and completed with beautiful blooming textures, this sturdy and durable dress is sure to last you many a cool autumn and cold winter event!  Available in four different color schemes; Ivory, Pink, Mocha & Brown, this piece is not to loud as it retains a soft and subtle sense of elegance as it works extremely well with properly coordinated jackets and trench-coats.  Whilst perfect for a “Kura-Loli” or “Ama-Loli” this is another unique item that can be easily incorporated into a variety of genres and effortlessly cross boundaries.  –  The Mocha and brown coloring pieces are especially popular and fashionable amongst a more mature, Adult Lolita fan-base, so be sure to see and feel the depth of this exquisite apparel for yourself be stocks sell out!


“Pompadour” : Perfect For All Angelic Pretty Princesses!


This piece in particular is the quintessential Angelic Pretty concept personified.  With a heartfelt conception of Rococo stylizing and inspiration, the “Pompadour” series features significant and intricate attention to details and is full of delightful designs, ribbons lace and frills.

Whilst of course we highly recommend this beautiful gown to all, the sheer overwhelming elaborateness of this extragant dress should be handled with care.  Not in terms of quality or durability, yet in terms of not upstaging others or seniors at certain events or tea parties – for if wanting to make a dramatic entrance to any and all events, THIS is the dress that will definitely turn heads and create gossip!


So if any of these items have caught your eye then be sure to check out one of the many stockists and stores of Angelic Pretty nationwide or otherwise visit their eay to use International Online Store and mail order site and blog! … AND ENJOY!!   ♡