galaxxxy  ★  New Recommended Items for Harajuku Coords!

galaxxxy ★ New Recommended Items for Harajuku Coords!

written by kawacura

With new releases across the board of all major brands, the iconic brand of galaxxxy is no different!  Loved for their collaborations of funky fashion with highly recognizable (and often nostalgic) animated characters, the designs are a huge success both within the Harajuku scene as well as worldwide!  So read on below to find out what are some of the hottest trends being unveiled for the upcoming season!


galaxxxy  ★  Manga Parka


Full of bold colors, fun-filled motifs and Katakana filled speech-bubble graphics, the “Manga Parka” holds an aura that is true to its name in that it sincerely looks like it has materialized straight out of a comic book!  With a generous sizing and ample hood this 100% polyester full zip jacket is perfect for adding a little flair and fun to their autumn / winter coordination’s! ♡

Classic galaxxxy

This highly popular pattern reprint “Manga Parka” series which contains important parts of 『Hukidashi』and motifs from the 『Koukasen』hoodie studded with a Katakana logo is available for resale through Power Pup.


galaxxxy Pastel Glitter Cat Knit


This comfortable functional knit is subtle yet warm enough that it can be enjoyed on cooler days all year round.  More importantly though, the heart-wrenchingly cuteness of this pastel knitwear is absolutely amazing!  Full of kawaii little ribbons, hearts and the face of a slightly mischievous looking cat on the front along with the glitter aspects of the yarn used make this delicate unobtrusive knitwear also elusively eye-catching and beautiful!  This wonderful item is perfect for a wide range of Harajuku fashion genres, so be sure to get your hands on one before they sell out!

With shinning, sparkling, glittering yarn woven into cute pieces, these beautiful tops create a sense of nostalgia of which used clothes often do.
Due to shimmering fabric of the items, subtlety and cuteness can be felt both up close and from a far!


Collaborated Success with Natsuumi & galaxxxy


Natsuumi, a recent pop icon who has generated massive attention and popularity in Japan has teamed up with galaxxxy for a number of collaborated items.  For this unique and selective collection, the design, coloring and style are all perfectly suited to the galaxxxy brand and suitably themed as the “Universe” collection with dreamy atmospherical color spectrums and hues highlighted by eye-catching star constellations!  Perfect for matching with that sexy little lingerie number or that perfect little black dress, this is a piece that every women should definitely have!  ♡   So for any and all fans of Harajuku fashion or those just wanting to look and feel great, this is the way to enjoy life and fashion to its fullest!

With two distinct fashionable silhouettes available, these beautiful pieces are perfect for formal occasions as well as for everyday wear!  The beautiful aurora and universe that Natsuumi inspires has been captured and cultivated here in this brilliant (under) garment.  The unique expansion of the skirt area along with the seductive tightness of the waist area is uniquely symbolic of the quantum mechanics of the known universe, and is simply oh so cute!!


Collaborated Success with eva × galaxxxy sweat


Characterized by her trade-marked colorful pink hair, the Hong-Kong born model and actress Eva-san, has a close relationship with Kyary Pamyu and fellow Harajuku icon, Seto Ayumi.   Thus, she is no stranger to unique, individual fashion and trend-setting ideals and projects that foster the inspiration for current and future designs.   It is with this in mind that the collaborative work apparently stemmed.    This cute yet chemically corrosive collaboration is what bred some of the brightest, most funky pieces of the range.  Full of sweet pastel illusions, much like Eva-sans hair, there is also a deeper more complex level to the illustrious charms that is flaunted and teased by this brilliant galaxxxy collaboration.

Famously known as Eva Cheung or simply as Eva-chan within Japan, the range and styles modeled by Japanese drama/soap star Eva-chan, the Hong-Kong bred beauty charmingly collaborates with galxxxy to produce fabulous and wondrous items only available here!


The Raw Yet Refined Artistic Beauty that is Represented by galaxxxy


The galaxxxy Hi-Fi gallery space free exhibition which includes eight collaborating superstars will take place between the 7th of November 2015 till the 6th of December 2015.  Known as the “D RAW Exhibition” the event also features live freestyle drawings from various artists and performers.  Furthermore, bookings and sales from the foremost fashion leaders and designers can be carried out, so if a fan of Harajuku Style, then be sure to attend this “live” fashion event!

The freshness and unique visceral natural art that will be on display at the event “Initial D” event is characterized and aptly named “D:RAWing”.  The fun and intricate drawing presented by each carefully selected and invited artist combine to create a galaxxxy of luxurious designs that come together to form a space that is full of wonder, awe and amazement!  So despite how “RAW” this event may be in a digital world, we highly recommend that you attend by all means available!!