A Look on the Famous h.NAOTO Harajuku La’Foret Store!

A Look on the Famous h.NAOTO Harajuku La’Foret Store!

written by kawacura

With the Harajuku fashion scene fast becoming one of the most burgeoning and popular markets in the world, h.NAOTO has been attributed to being one of the leading pioneers and promoters of the international boom.  So let us take another look at this progressive and iconic brand! ♪


Harajuku-Gothic brand, h.NAOTO



Having sparked a worldwide movement of alternative fashion, h.NAOTO continuously releases ground-breaking designs in a diversity of styles including; Gothic, Punk, Visual-kei, Lolita, Cosplay and Anime based trends.  Of late h.NAOTO has also been active within the “Cool Japan” cultural movement.

Features of the variety of styles and lines are characterized as so: ♡


Art mode system collection category which focuses on original, cutting-edge designs of h.NAOTO.  Often a little decadent, but full of a nice atmosphere.


Neo-Victorian based collection and also represented by steam punk collections and the world of fantasy retro-futurism.  Both very classy and cool!


Lolita based line. H.NAOTO Lolita designs and elements are so cute that are synonymous with the pop-culture word “KAWAII”.


Gothic based collection concentrating on an aesthetic fantasy world of black and white. Intrepidly decorative specific collection yet often with simple and subtle silhouettes with lace and frills.

h.NAOTO has changed and influenced Gothic Lolita fashion worldwide. The h.NAOTO brand has transformed Japanese sub-cultures such as Gothic Lolita, Punk, Visual Kei, Cosplay and Anime into a new category of fashion. h.NAOTO is also recognized by international musicians and Japanese Musicians including GACKT, YOSHIKI from X JAPAN and hyde have collaborated with h.NAOTO.

Recently h.NAOTO has focused on the series of the Seven Deadly Sins and he developed his new category, neo Victorian Steam Punk fashion “h.NAOTO STEAM” in 2013.

Naoto Hirooka, a creative designer of h.NAOTO was born in Kobe in 1997. He started to work for S-inc. in 1999 and debuted h.NAOTO brand in 2000. He has created his original fashion images involving Japanese culture such as Gothic and Lolita, Visual-kei.



The h.NAOTO Flagship Store in Laforet Harajuku



For those who have never visited the Harajuku Laforet store, should definitely include it on their fashion buck-list!  Hailed as the mecca of style and fashion within Harajuku a variety of famously well-known as well as boutique and independent smaller stores can easily be accessed.  It is also home to one of the most iconic fashion brands in the world, h.NAOTO!!  Located on the B1.5 floor, the store contains fantastic fashion from all of the aforementioned lines, NAOTO SEVEN, STEAM, FRILL and BLOOD. ☆  Besides all of the beautiful pieces on display, if visiting be sure to check out the stunning and unique staircase!  So all in all we highly recommend allowing adequate time to thoroughly enjoy and experience all that there is and all of the wonderful items available to try on and purchase!

Representing the Gothic and Punk scene, h.NAOTO expands their steam-punk range with a new category labeled as <ELVIS>. Full of unique and popular products, be sure to check out this magnificent store!






Amongst all of the vast genres that can be defined as being part of Harajuku fashion, Steampunk fashion is one of the fastest growing trends worldwide.  Catering for and also promoting the style, the h.NAOTO line of “STEAM” is full of gear motifs, goggles, tights, corsets and other fabulous accessories!  So delightful are the tops, pants, jackets, dresses that are so flawlessly designed and produced that the range is perfect for hard-core fans as well as beginners just starting out with the genre.  So be sure to check out the range either in-store or online!  ☆

h.NAOTO “STEAM” which focuses heavily steampunk fashion is enormously popular in both the UK and the US and also among many famous celebrity musicians such as Marilyn Manson and Steve Tyler etc.

Although the range of “STEAM” is predominately retro-futuristic fashion, there are actually also many non-steampunk items and more kawaii Lolita, Gothic Visual-kei based hidden gems also available.



The Latest Information from h.NAOTO Laforet Harajuku!



Due to the immense popularity of the brand, many items and new releases sell out almost immediately!  So if not wanting to miss out on that perfect piece, then be sure to regularly check the official h.NAOTO Laforet Harajuku website, blog and Twitter account.  Since the Twitter account provides real-time information on stock levels and availability and that the blog features large pictures and descriptive detailed accounts, both are excellent sources of information and avenues for enjoying the brand! ♪





The h.N Gallery produced by h.NAOTO is an experience that one and all should truly endeavor to visit!  So if in Harajuku and looking to stretch your legs a little and spend some time at a boutique hide-away, then this is the place for you!  Located in Tokyo’s Nishi-Azabu ward the secret hideout that is h.N GALLERY is a haven and paradise for those that want to look their best and who want to walk their own path without fear of resembling anything or anyone else!  This is achieved by the fact this wonderful store only produces unique, made-to-order, custom fit, custom designed, one-off pieces specifically matched, tailored and designed for each individual customer!   So if you happen to be an authentic fan of fashion with a little time (and money) to spare, then a trip to the h.N GALLERY should be the first stop on your trip to the progressive fashion capital of the world that is Harajuku!!





So, all in all, h.NAOTO is a brand with the depth and foresight that has enough range and diversity that it is the perfect brand for all that love fashion and portraying a sense of self!