FREAK SHOW!!  The Must See Captivating Event at Shop CABARET!! ♪

FREAK SHOW!! The Must See Captivating Event at Shop CABARET!! ♪

written by kawacura

The shop Cabaret latest promotion aptly named FREAK SHOW is on now, yet best be quick for popularity is high and the scheduled run date is fast approaching!  Therefore, we sent our intrepid dynamic duo reporters Yabu-no-usagi and Kuma to get a first-hand look for those that may not get a chance to attend in person.

By now most current readers should be familiar with the two reporters and some of the exploits, yet for those not so conversant, here is another quick introduction to the girls.



“Yabu No Usagi” : “Yabu the Rabbit” (most often abbreviated to ノウサギ / Nousagi ) Yabu-san is a keen and enthusiastic Lolita fashion journalist who decided to attend the days event dressed a little more punk than usual.  Yet with her hopeless sense of direction, she often got lost on the way there and was repeatedly questioned “Are you ok?” by strangers who must have likened her bewildered perplexity to that of a dear (or rabbit!) in headlights!




“Kuma” : Resident Gothic camera (wo)man and writer, Kuma-san unfortunately also has an appalling sense of direction yet, aware of this she arrived safely to the event through her Knight in shining Wi-Fi – Google Map!


So! What kind of show is the FREAK SHOW?


Created by the Tokyo born, Bunka Fashion College graduate, Moegi-san started the “Surrealism Art” brand Sedmikrasky (Czech for Daisies) in 2011 and be described as Cute but it is a little strange accessories brand that expresses the “duality of the girl”.”

“Yabu No Usagi / Nousagi” is a huge fan of the brand and previously covered the beauty of the designs in her Handmade In Japan Fes’ article where she purchased a stunning finger brooch!  It was at this previous event that she received an inside tip off to the then upcoming event that is now the FREAK SHOW held at Shop CABARET.

The event is a collaborated project produced by Sedmikrasky X Eine Lilie X Pernik X goblin with a catchphrase of ★ Original one-piece production ★ exhibition of strange shoes freak show café and more ★.   


Introducing the Fascinating World of Shop CABARET ♪


A short 8 minute walk from Gaienmae station (on the Ginza line), and the eclectic designs of Sedmikrasky and crew can be seen through the large front windows of the boutique store that is Shop CABARET!

「Oh, here it is!」 Excitingly exclaims the previously lost Nousagi as she reflects that even from the outside, the decadent cabaret feel can be felt!  Her heart was further sent aflutter once she spied the “FREAK SHOW” sign proudly displayed in the window.  《 I would like to inject a little information here, sorry Yabu-chan! But it is actually not the rabbit’s first time visiting the shop, which just goes to prove how amazingly abominable her sense of direction is!  The first was when she attended the Neb aaran do new release fashion show… That said she was very enthusiastic and delighted to be back again in the super cute store for the event that day! 》


Shop CABARET : Jam Packed Full of Cuteness!


The inspiration for the wonderful space that is Shop CARABET is styled after the abstract dressing room of the dancers of the Moulin Rouge concept.  Abundant with a plethora of the most fantastic and favorite items of the Manager, it is near impossible to have a heart wrenching “Aaaaw!” feeling upon entering the store!

The store is not only cute, yet also very progressive and active in within the fashion scene as there is usually a store held event every month!  The beauty of these events is that there is no strict genre adhered to, so each different month new styles, genres, brands and information can easily and effortless be garnered.

In preparation for the FREAK SHOW the layout of the store had been adjusted so that previously easy to see goods were a little harder to find, so Nousagi decided to introduce some of the magnificent pieces that are available instore. ♪


First off, the bewitching Eine Lilie – Lady Hand Tights have an asymmetrical design and include golden lame thread bracelet and ring which combined with the impact of the hand motif look both sexy and sophisticated!  Price : 4000 yen excluding tax.


Another very interesting aspect is the ‘homey’ style and atmosphere in which products are displayed within the shop.  By coordinating cabinet and shelf designs with a range of varied objects, of which all are amazingly cute, it truly does appear and feel like the dressing room of a cabaret dancer or that of a bourgeoisie courtesan!  This can be seen as in the above picture which depicts, gloves, masks, bags and varied other small accessories.


「Wait!  What?? That’s Michael!!」 As Nousagi spied the famous face, she learnt that whilst it may not fit historically with the generally period themed characteristics of the overall store, it has proven to be a very popular piece and high seller!  (That said however, he was the King of Pop so as an entertainer, I personally can see a connection to the Cabaret premise…)  Foreign tourists especially appear to love it as they comment on that this is another only in Japan item and apparently makes for a great souvenir.  ♪


Beautifully extravagant and exotic clothes, head-pieces and bags can also be found in every nook and cranny!


As previously mentioned here we have a heterogeneous display of shoes, bags, socks and accessories, the whole thing comes together perfectly with the sense of one finishing a long night at the Cabaret and simply wanting to crawl into bed.


These cute and cuddly ballet slipper style bear shoes from AchaChum are simply unbearably kawaii~ !!


The artist who designed and produced these unique individual brooches / badges using a fantastic method of displaying them, don’t you think?  By using a common monochrome theme and spontaneous varied placement on as similarly colored shirt, it becomes very eye catching when viewed in person!

Another remarkable attribute to Shop CABARET is that the manager / owner allows individual boutique artists who would otherwise have no outlet to offer their wares to sell their products instore… provided that the manager likes them!  ☺♡☻♡☺  Currently, there are some 20 odd different artists who display their unique and creative pieces at Shop CABARET!

With so many varied and distinctive items spread throughout the store, Nousagi felt like a kid in a candy-store with her eyes wide involuntarily darting this way and that trying to take everything in at once!  Luckily though she had planned plenty of time so once the initial adrenalin starts to dissipate she could leisurely look around to pick out her most favorite pieces to comment on.  Having said that though, she openly admits that the prime reason of her visit here today was for the fabled FREAK SHOW, so without any further ado!…


FREAK SHOW! The Main Event!

The FREAK SHOW event held at the Shop CABARET is comprised of four different brands.  Each collaborating together to coordinate the greatest aspects of their unique and at times unconventional designs together to create a masterpiece of art fit for any canvas – of which our lovely Nousagi models for us below!  ♪ (Following on from the Freak Dress presentation there is also a Shoe Show, so fret not that there aren’t any shoes included in the subsequent FREAK DRESS coordinated outfit.)


The FREAK DRESS is the perfect manifestation of this ideal, where patrons can select various styles and colors to coordinate their perfect freaky outfit from the following branded categories;

goblin ◆  One-Piece Dress – Available in either “Bloody Red” or “Midnight Blue”,

Eine Lilie ◆  Removable Hand Collar or Designer Tights,

Sedmikrasky ◆  Braided Necklace or Brooch Set,

Pernik ◆  Eye Bracelet or Hair Wreath (brooch pin inclusive)

Price: 30,000 (tax exclusive).    For more details please click here.


So let’s now take a closer look at each of the brands and items in more detail so that those wanting to purchase online (OH YES the option is there!!) can do so with peace of mind!


goblin’s Freaky One-Piece


To fully appreciate the flow and naturalness of some designs that have to be seen worn, believe the fashion experts here at KawaCura!  Therefore, here we have the designer artist from Eine Lilie(アイネリリ)modelling her choice of coordinated options.


As can be seen here are the two different color options of red or blue.  Yet in fact the color is not the only difference!  A single or double neckline (or ‘head-hole’ for a less eloquent / articulate yet understandable term) is available, here the double version in blue is being modelled. So when combined with the range of accessories that can be used or not used the possibilities grow significantly, so be sure to have fun experimenting or imagining your own perfect stylized outfit! ♪


That cute little rabbit face can only mean one thing!  Here we finally have the gorgeous Yabu No Usagi / Nousagi !!  Whilst she has chosen a similar set of choices as the designer from Eine Lilie the simplicity and subtleness creates a beautiful and distinguished aura! Nousagi further commented that the fit, flow, and use of velour materials was extremely comfortable to wear and had a slight stretch to it which made it a breeze to move about in!  The skilled construction of the garment also had a durable feel to it which is great for use of washing etc.  All in all Usagi-chan seemed to be highly impressed by the goblin Freaky dress!


Eine Lilie : Collar & Tights


Here we have the beautiful hand collar, available in either a white or black version.  Inspired from an undisclosed film these “Suspicious Hands” and both cute and practical with the thumb and index finger clasp which makes it easy to adjust.  Out of Interest, the white version has a gold embroidered ring on the wedding finger and inner stars whereas the black version has imitation pearls.  Whilst the “Suspicious Hands” collar is brilliant and unique in design and function, the true bread and butter of Eine Lilie are the tights!

For the FREAK DRESS collaboration there is a blue or black option of the unique designer tights, yet to truly appreciate the breadth and depth of design that is incorporated into each and every innovative pair, I highly recommend visiting the official Eine Lilie website  (Link below) to view the full range!  The tights featured here however, while maybe slightly difficult to discern, feature the word FREAK on the right leg and have an open eye and a closed eye with a tear drop on the left leg.   To view the tights please click here. ⇔ EineLilie ◆ 付け襟 or タイツ


Sedmikrasky : Braided Necklace & Brooch Set


First off let’s take a look at the braid featured at the right-hand side of the above picture.  So authentic looking Nousagi had to ask whether it was real or not!  Turns out that it was made out of resin which makes it very durable and perfect for those that love braided / plaited hair yet sometimes want to do something else with their hair.


Also available in two different color shades the piece also works extremely well with the above Eine Lilie “Suspicious Hands” collar, as can be seen modelled by the endearing Yabu-no-usagi.


Following up is the three piece brooch set option.  Available in either a gold cat’s eye mask, red, lips & purple high-heel option or as a red cat’s eye mask, green lips & red high-heel choice – each three piece set is both fun and free as they can be placed where ever you like.  Nousagi’s personal preference was the gold cat’s eye mask set with the black Eine Lilie “Suspicious Hands” collar, as can be seen above.


Pernik : Eye Bracelet & Hair Wreath


Here we take a look at the exceptional beautiful eye bracelet as can be seen in the left-hand side of the above picture.  Made using only the finest materials including prestige silk for the cuffs and intricate Czech lace for the frills, the predominant motif almost has portrays a sense of power, insight and protection, much like the Eye of Horus!!  The Czech-glass buttoned clasp also fits snugly in a relaxed fit which makes wearing it a pleasure to both the those wearing it and those viewing it alike!  Trimmed in identical colors as the FREAKY DRESS it is available in either bloody red or midnight blue.


Next up is the Pernik Hair Wreath.  The inner braided section is comprised of an authentic hair, cotton, velveteen blended material making it durable, comfortable and extremely authentic looking!  Complete with the ribbon brooch and clasp combined it fits snugly onto any hairpiece or in this instance absolutely perfectly matched with the dual opening of the FREAK DRESS as an elegant way of attracting attention to the bare, negative space in a chic, sophisticated and tasteful way. Similarly available in either the red or blue option, this 15cm diameter accessory can be used in a vast variety of ways and can fit to a wide range of existing pieces, thus making it an absolute must, even if that means being bought separately!

Just to reiterate to those that may not have been paying attention, all options and color variations can be viewed here,  〜Freak collaboration〜 ”Freak Dress”


Other suggested example choice combinations:




The Shoe Show!! . . . on a small stage…


Like so many of the charismatic brands that are featured in Shop CABARET, Pernik is without any exception!  As seen previously display styles are up to interpretation between management and artists, so for the Shoe Show section of the FREAK SHOW event, The Designer of Pernik also imagined and produced the stands on which the sensational shoes are displayed.  Styled after a grand bazaar style, the collection is aimed at being that of a miniature European circus where each different act has their own unique and individual stage.  Thus, the two tiered four stage display unit was created to adequately allow individual attention between each piece whilst maintaining a common collective thread.


As with everything featured at the FREAK SHOW and Shop CABARET, these fluffy bunny themed shoes are oh so cute!~  A personal favorite of Sedmikrasky-san

One a side note, as mention above, the platform and display stands hand-made by the designer of the shoes yet more impressively, so were each of the four miniscule dolls intricately hand made!!Is there nothing that Pernik-san can’t do?!?!


These cute cuddly and absolutely gorgeous shoes are Eine Lilie-san’s favorite.


These goblin favorite fluffy furry shoes decorated with cannibalized doll parts truly are freaky and fun.


These Pernik favorite footwear (are also quite humbly my personal favorite as well!)  The stylish simplistic design with the hand held heel is truly unique and analogically inspirational!  Nousagi also seemed to love these shoes and was in desperate want for them!


Tea Time!  –  The Freaky Tea Party Begins!

As previously mentioned the regular shop floor space and been rearranged to cater for the FREAK SHOW event and as such the Freaky Tea Party was no exception, thus a very special and heartwarming tea party was enjoyed by all!



Witches’ Tea with Denture Sandwiches and Finger Cookies

Ahhh~ What a perfect fit for the occasion!  The sophisticated yet sexy tea-cup filled with a warm soothing refreshing broth of witches’ tea adorned with both delightful denture styled sandwiches and freaky finger cookies were all so delicious on both the palette and the eyes!


The finger cookies tasted of extravagant Italian cheese and the effervescent tea labeled as a special witch’s brew which also contained tapioca was equally unique and delicious!!

It was here when our two intrepid reporters were finally able to relax and unwind under the healing power of sweets, that the enigmatic and enchanting Nousagi had some time to quietly ponder and reflect, being suddenly erupting with an excited burst of emotions as she (near) shouted 「このフリークドレスセット、下さい!」which translates to “I would like this FREAK DRESS combination set please”, yet while she politely voiced her desires a more accurate translation of her heart was more like: GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!!! I WANT THAT N THAT N THAT!!!!!   GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!

Yet unfortunately our esteemed rabbit/hare will have to wait for the tortoise in this race, since due to the popularity of the designs, production and delivery dates are a little backed up.  Yet to Nousagi’s credit she says that the wait and anticipation only adds to the value and cherishment of her new purchase!



All in all both Nousagi and photo-journalist Kuma thoroughly enjoyed themselves and highly recommend the event, the brands, the store and any other upcoming event held at Shop CABARET to anyone interested in unique and beautiful designs!



■ Event Dates

2015/11/20 (FRI) 〜 29 (SUN)

■ Specialty dates per designer

Sedmikrasky 11/20, 21 EineLilie 11/20, 21, 22 Pernik 11/24, 25 goblin 11/20〜29

■ Event Times

(11/20〜21) 12:00 〜 20:00 ※All other dates: 12:00 〜 19:00

■ Access

Jingumae, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 3-36-26

8 minute walk from the 3rd exit of the Gaiemae Station of the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line.



■ Featured Brand Official Websites.

Shop CABARET & goblin :

Sedmikrasky :


Pernik :



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