★ New 2016 Metamorphose ♕  A Look at the New Series ★

★ New 2016 Metamorphose ♕ A Look at the New Series ★

written by kawacura

One of the most iconic and famous brands within the world of Lolita is Metamorphose!  Although a little unconventional with their designs at times, the brand is still considered Royalty within the Lolita fashion world and perfect for wearing at a tea party or while strolling down the streets of Harajuku!    So let’s take a look at some of the latest new release items from the much beloved Metamo!  Yet be quick to order as Metamorphose habitually tends to sell out quick and delightful designs are sure to as well!


Brand Concept and History


Metamorphose is an adorable brand of Lolita fashion made for everyone, best described as EGL or Elegant Gothic Lolita. Almost everyone has the desire to “transform” one’s self, be it into an angel, someone who is more elegant, or even back to the time they were a little girl. With this concept in mind, we created the Metamorphose brand. In order to assist you in your “transformation”, while not being a slave to the current fashion, we continue to conceive cute EGL fashion Our brands official name is “manifesteange metamorphose temps de fille”. “Manifesteange” means the advent of an angel. “Metamorphose temps de fille” means the time of transformation into a little girl. We used French as a base to coin this phrase. Because we “invented” the name ourselves, we feel there are so many different nuances and connotations that can be read into it, and we invite you to create your own.

1993       Our first designer started her own free-lance brand

1997       Our company President established “Metamorphose” in Kyoto.

1998       The company moved from Kyoto to Osaka, opening a retail store in Osaka.

1999       Opened stores in Nagoya, and Tokyo (Harajuku). (Later Fukuoka, Tokyo (Shinjuku), Hiroshima, and Sapporo branches also opened)

2000       Changed corporate structure to Metamorphose temps de fille, a limited corporation

2002       Changed name to Metamorphose, a limited corporation



Antique Bouquet Series

★  Antique Bouquet Cape



Made from 100% cotton the original “Gobelin Bouquet” print fabric, the Antique Bouquet Cape is adorably cute and filled with everlasting beauty!  The stylish button down shawl comes complete with elegant satin ribbons and is available in three different color options.

– Wine / antique white lace / wine ribbon

– Royal blue / antique white lace / royal blue ribbon

– Amethyst / antique white lace / amethyst ribbon

Price : 13,800 yen excluding tax


★  Antique Bouquet High Waist Pinafore Dress



Made from the same “Gobelin Bouquet” print fabric, the high waist Pinafore dress is charming and gorgeous!  With a shirred back and discreet zipper on the left make it not only aesthetically appealing yet also functionally very comfortable to wear!  The dress also features two satin ribbon broaches and an elegant removable waist ribbon and classy chiffon frills.  Like the cape it is also available in three different color options.

– Wine / solid wine chiffon / gold braid / wine ribbon

– Royal blue / solid royal blue chiffon / gold braid / royal blue ribbon

– Amethyst / solid amethyst chiffon / gold braid / amethyst ribbon

Price : 26,800 yen excluding tax


Velveteen Series

★  Velveteen Princess Doll Dress



The “Velveteen Princess Doll Dress” is pure brilliance!  Similar to the “Boutique Pinafore” dress it features an inconspicuous left zip, comfortable shirring back further pronounced with a lace up back.  The decorative buttons and velveteen ribbons on the chest along with the eye catching crosses further add to the cute and playful nature of this wonderfully designed dress!  This beautiful piece is further enhanced by the chic and elegant chiffon inner section emphasized by the sophisticated tulle lace trim.  The high volume skirt section with detachable lower back large ribbon, make this item a true head-turner and just perfect when wanting to make that grand entrance at the next event or tea party!  This is piece, as with so many others, is sure to be an instant sell-out so be sure to get in quick before you miss out!!  Also available in three colors;

– Off white / solid off white chiffon / off white lace / off white braid / off white ribbon / gold flamed pearl button

– Bordeaux / solid Bordeaux fabric / off white lace / off white braid / Bordeaux ribbon / gold flamed pearl button

– Mint / solid mint chiffon / antique white lace / gold braid / green ribbon / gold flamed pearl button

Price : 34,800 yen excluding tax


★  Velveteen Headdress



Intricately made using the same 100% cotton civic velveteen fabric, this headdress with subtle and stylish tulle lace trim and dull stain ribbons and fastenings and matching gold, pearl styled decorative buttons, is perfect to complete a coordinated look or to be used in conjunction with existing pieces!  Available in four different color options it can be worn in a number of ways complimenting a wide variety of hair styles and color gradients!

– Black / off white lace / off white braid / black ribbon / gold flamed pearl button

– Off white / off white lace / off white braid / off white ribbon / gold flamed pearl button

– Bordeaux / off white lace / off white braid / Bordeaux ribbon / gold flamed pearl button

– Mint / antique white lace / gold braid / green ribbon / gold flamed pearl button

Price : 5,500 yen excluding tax


Angelic Heaven Series

★  Angelic Heaven Clerical Dress



Wow!  Is the only word that can be used to describe this wonderful, classically styled dress.  With simple yet unforgettable lines and motifs it truly is a piece that will never go out of style!  The elasticized full-volume balloon skirt creates a unique Alice in Wonderland shaped plumpness mixed with cuteness.  The 100% polyester easy care and durable “Angelic Print” fabric is beautifully adorned with a plethora of delightful designs, lace trims, satin ribbons, braids, charms and pearl beads sewn into the hem.   This uniquely original dress and design features an ease of wear left hand zip, shirred back and inner lining further highlighted and decorated by an adornment of ribbon brooches, charms, lace and detachable collar.  The flute playing, arrow wielding cherub, rose and golden crown filled motif whilst complex in parts, has a balance and harmony of style and simplicity between keynotes and negative space that leaves us here at KawaCura filled with a sense of awe, and a spiritual Taoist feel of Yin-Yan when seeing this magnificent masterpiece!  So please, do yourself, or a loved one this Christmas season a favor, be sure to order this piece as quick as possible!!   Available in three different color combinations;

– Noir / solid off white crepe de chine fabric / black lace / Lurex black ribbon / black ribbon / gold braid / gold bijou / gold charm / off white pearl

– Blanc / solid off white crepe de chine fabric / off white lace / Lurex off white ribbon / off white ribbon / gold braid / gold bijou / gold charm / off white pearl

– Bleu / solid off white crepe de chine fabric / off white lace / Lurex navy ribbon / navy ribbon / gold braid / gold bijou / gold charm / off white pearl

Price : 26,800 yen excluding tax


★  Angelic Heaven Print Tights



Fitting perfectly with the Angelic Heaven coordinated look, these 92% / 8% polyester, polyurethane designer tights are fabulously fashionable! With an 80 denier repeated pattern the classical yet unique designs of these tights create an aura and feeling that heavenly angels are indeed singing down to you upon wearing these beautiful tights! The vogue and elegant taste of these leggings obviously match perfectly within the range, yet also work extremely well with simple solid color one-piece dresses and outfits as well to add a little flair when trying to achieve that perfect level of dash and decorum! Available in three colors;

– Noir (black)

– Blanc (off white)

– Bleu (blue)

Price : 4,200 yen excluding tax


Winners of the Metamorphose A & W Coordinate Contest Grand-Prix ★

Further following on from the pioneering and progressing foresight of the creators of Metamorphose a worldwide coordinate contest was held where contestants were ranked through a social network services algorithm to see you achieved the highest ranking and who was deemed to be the most meta (sorry, pun intended!!) of all Metamorphose fans!   So let’s have a look at the top three winners of this worldwide competition!



1st:30000 points

No.117 Briz Blossom さま (Mexico)

■ Autumn is my favorite season of the year because the effect of falling leaves, and the warm weather in my country, creates the perfect match for a demure coordinate that reminds me of elegance and decency.


From the Staff

She’s wearing “Yoke Switched Flared Dress”,

“Swan Plate Bag with Shoulder Strap” (Enamel/Black),

and “Long Lace Gloves” (Black)

The deep blue color creates beauty possessed of a sense of unity. Accent accessories make your coordinate more gorgeous ;-)




 2nd:15000 points

No.125 arthael さま (Thailand)

■ I’ve always wanted to try a steampunk-lolita coordinate, and Time Lag World is one of the best prints to do it! I love that   Metamorphose never stop exploring new designs ^^


 From the Staff

She’s wearing “High Collar Satin Stripe Chiffon Blouse” (Blown) and

“The Wheel of Time Zipper Pinafore Dress” (Blue)

You look just perfect in this coordinate!

The color harmony with blue and brown is so amazing ! :-D







3rd:10000 points

No. 108 Chokelate さま (Germany)

■ I went for an elegant (and slightly sparkly) look, perfect for a holiday dinner, where it’s warm inside!


From the Staff

What a graceful style!

She’s wearing “Vintage Cameo Princess Pinafore Dress” (Black) and

“Vaned Round Headband with Gold Tulle” (Black).

We’re really happy to see your beautiful coordinated look ♪







Upcoming Releases!



Pre-orders are now open for the upcoming series the “Dozing Cat”.  Yet since reservations opened a few days ago, chances are that a back-order and delay has already formed, so if this seems like something that you would love to love, then be sure to log on and check it out today!!  Full of designer styled blueprints and sketches it may be a little daunting to certain non-Japanese reading fans, yet fear not, with such a respected and revered brand as Metamorphose quality, consistency and dependability are issues that need not be fretted over!


All the best and we hope that you can enjoy the beauty, wonders and inspiration that is Metamo as much as we do so be sure to leave a comment and photo of your favorite Metamo Coorde below for all to appreciate!

Enjoy!  ★