Want to Feel Like a Fairytale Princess?  Go to “Princess one Spoon”!!

Want to Feel Like a Fairytale Princess? Go to “Princess one Spoon”!!

written by kawacura

No matter what age, no matter what gender, everyone loves a little pampering and luxury from time to time. For those who have always dreamt of being a Princess the likes as found in the classical fairytale storybooks, your yearning and longing can now be achieved!  The unique and amazing store that is “Princess one Spoon”, found right in the heart of the Harajuku, let’s you live out your childhood dream!


Princess one Spoon


The brand concept of this delightful store is to awakening “the desires that sleep within the hearts of all girls to get spoonful of what it’s like to be a princess.” The acute attention to detail is truly breathtaking, as even the store itself is styled as a medieval castle with the large clock at the entrance having spoons as clock hands!

Inside the store is a plethora of cute accessories, delicious candy, fabulous fashion items and stunning backdrops and the beautiful “Princess Chair” which is a throne like seat upon a pedestal in which aspiring Princesses can sit regally and have their picture taken.


Festive Christmas Cookies


Did you notice the Snow White snowflake, Cinderella glass slipper and Sleeping Beauty poison apple motifs?


The Iconic Glass Slipper



The Princess Room




Shop Details



Address:                                 S Building, 4-27-4, Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,  〒150-0001

Nearest station:                   JR Harajuku Station (6 minute walk)  Tokyo Metro Meiji Jingu-mae (3 minute walk)

Opening Hours:                   11:00 ~ 20:00 ※ May be closed unexpectedly due to instore congestion.

TEL:                                        03-6434-7017

URL:                                       http://www.p1s.jp/




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