Nile perch 2016 New Release Dresses are Too Cute ☺

Nile perch 2016 New Release Dresses are Too Cute ☺

written by kawacura

The iconic brand Nile Perch is synonymous with all things cute! Likened to an overturned toy box the brand produces beautiful handmade clothes, miscellaneous goods, vintage dolls and all that encompasses a “Dolly Girl” life!


Gingham Check Ruffle Dress


Despite the recent release of this wonderful item this dress has already become incredibly popular on the official online web-shop! The large frills that spread from the waist to the shoulders over the chest on top of the cute gingham check background make for a delightfully girly atmosphere!  The pure white collar, elasticized cuffs and modest cut all create a sense of innocence full of virtue!  ♡


Teddy Bear One Piece



The “Teddy bear Dress” is inexpressibly cute! As can be gathered from the name, this charming dresses fabric is filled with cute little teddy bears all wearing ribbons of some kind.  The high waist and chest ribbon match perfectly with a variety of blouses and tights and is impeccable for all types of Lolita events and tea parties!


Rainbow Heart One Piece


The third item to be introduced here today is the brilliant “Rainbow Heart” dress! The soft pastel rainbow coloring promotes a dreamlike, fairytale sense of wonderment and awe!  The light and airy composition of this remarkable dress is sure to make all girls who yearn for a fairytale world, heart aflutter! With its cute dainty shoulder straps and chiffon laced chest the “Rainbow Heart” dress is a timeless classic!  The luminous and radiant pastels of this dress lend itself perfectly to ama-Loli, Loli-pan and various other Harajuku genres!


Gingham Check Round Collar York Dress


Whilst similar to the first dress we introduced this “Gingham Check Round Collar” dress is subtly different in a number of ways. If a fan of cute check pieces, then this slightly softer more innocent looking dress may be perfect for you!  The round, bib-like deep collar decorated with a pair of sweet red ribbons and white cuffs, create a wonderful, bright, spring styled dress which captures all of the pure essence of a fairytale princess! ♡


Pink Teddy Bear Dress


Ending our introduction of the latest released Nile Perch Spring series, is the endearing “Pink Teddy Bear” dress. This fantastic dress is comparable in design to the beauty of the “Rainbow Heart” dress yet with the familiar teddy bear themed fabric backdrop yet set in an aura of pink to which this one-piece is a perfect blend of style and cuteness! Delicately and precisely emphasized with key points of lace and frills, the sheer kawaii-ness of this item has to been seen if not worn to be truly appreciated!  Furthering the teddy bear theme is the cute teddy bear motif collar in the same check color as the bow tie worn by each individual teddy bear throughout the piece!  All in all the is a level of depth and meta attention to detail that makes this dress absolutely amazing and a must have for any Lolita fan!  Yet with items this cute and awe-inspiring, stocks are sure to sell out fast so be sure to get in quick so as not to miss out! ! ☆彡


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