** Qun.to ♥ Winter Setup Features **

** Qun.to ♥ Winter Setup Features **

written by kawacura

One of the most iconic and up-n-coming labels within the Harajuku fashion scene is Qun.to (pronounced Kyunto)! Breaching genres of cuteness, elegance, provocativeness and sweetness, this brand is paramount in its designs and imagination!

Here we introduce some of the hottest most popular items that are perfect for the upcoming Valentine holiday and spring releases!


Qun.to(Pronouced Kyunto)



Internationally spread, Qun.to produces, imports and exports a plethora of cute fashion pieces whilst focusing on the intricacies and expansiveness of iconic Harajuku fashion. By focusing on stylish designs and savvy distribution practices, Qun.to has become immensely popular both domestically and internationally!  Making efficient use of high profile social networking services, the brand is very forward thinking in that it maintains a very close relationship with fans and regularly works off feedback from fans to implement the most sought after business strategies that best suits the company and customers alike.

So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some of the latest and most impressive releases from Qun.to! ☆彡


* A Love Letter to You! (Setup) *



This lovely, beautiful set-up perfectly personifies the ideals of chic fashion and simplistic styles.   With elegant lines and dapper designs this coat works brilliantly with any subtly styled ensembles.  The soft sweet lines of the collar and silhouette create a wonderfully sweet aristocratic aura which blends beautifully with all styles of innocent Lolita fashions.




This beautifully understated skirt works perfectly with all styles of delicate formal fashion or any other casual designs. The delightfully pretty pink subtlety is effortlessly highlighted by soft elusive pleats and delicate heart motifs throughout.


* Violin (Setup) *



The discreet coloring and tones of this inconspicuous dress and coat speak volumes as to the modest yet powerful stylings. With elegant lines and pique temperament this is a perfectly seasoned piece that can be worn in a variety of settings!  The musical motifs which is full of treble and bass clefs is beautiful on any scale!





* Musical Girl (Setup) *



Beautifully tactful and tasteful in its elegant designs the “Musical Girl” outfit comes complete with a dainty cape cowl, decorative regal buttons and fun frills at the hem create an overall wonderful outfit! Not only is the cape removable yet as is the cute neck tie ribbon.  ♪  The musical score motif is sweet in its refinement and chic in in its simplistic classiness!




* Cafe au Lait Cat (Setup) *



This adorable and playful piece is calming in color and unique in design. Available as a top or one-piece dress this feline fashion trimmed with paw prints is a must have for any and all cat lovers!  ♡

The off-shoulder sleeves of the cute top with matching motifs of the dress create an atmosphere of innocence and fun levity!




For more information on pricing, shipping and availability along with more detailed photos be sure to check out the official online store and social networking sties.


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