Girls Day / Hina-Matsuri in Gothic Style!

Girls Day / Hina-Matsuri in Gothic Style!

written by kawacura

Hina-Matsuri / Dolls Day

For those unfamiliar with the holiday, Hina-matsuri or Girls Day is also sometimes colloquially referred to as “Peach Festival” and is an annual event held on the 3rd of March in which a collection of intricate and ornate dolls and proudly displayed in the home.  Beginning in the Heian Period (794 to 1185) platforms are covered with red carpet are used to display the set of ornamental dolls representing the Emperor, Empress, attendants, and musicians in traditional court dress of the Heian period.  There is also a very strict order in which the dolls are displayed and styles of dolls are fairly universal across the country and similar despite how new or old they are.

That said however, recently with gothic fashion on the rise a new range of gothic dolls has graced the scene! Here we take a look at these new age “hina ningyo” dolls and their gothic gorgeousness!


The World of Japanese Style : Alpha Dolls!


The level of quality and excellence in the aptly named “Gothic” range is unsurpassable! The intricate designs still hold true to traditional core values and styles yet with a darker more solemn tone.  Delightfully layered in various materials includes a glossy smooth silk, not only dolls are produced yet also a range of props such as flowers and bird cages and other various items of a gothic view of the world.

For more wonderful high resolution photos or to see other styles and ranges apart from the “Gothic” line, then be sure to check out the official goto dolls website (link provided below) and enjoy your dolls day this March the 3rd!