Introducing Some of the Latest & Cutest Fairy Tale and Girly Lolita Cordes! ♪

Introducing Some of the Latest & Cutest Fairy Tale and Girly Lolita Cordes! ♪

written by kawacura

Everyone has loved fairytales at some point in their lives and many, many girls yearned of becoming a princess and meeting their own prince charming during their youth.

With such classics as “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Cinderella” and “Snow White” etc. certain Lolita genres draw inspiration heavily from such timeless fairytales. Here we introduce some of the cutest and sweetest Lolita designs!


Juliette et Justine × KERA “Puss in Boots” Dress!


First off leading our list is the Juliette et Justine × KERA “Puss in Boots” dress based off of the French classic tale of the same name!  First published in 1697 this Italian / French fairytale whilst not so well known within Japan is a classic tale of a cat helping his poor master be able to wed the princess and full of romance and wonderful dapper fashion!

This amazing design is the perfect blend of chic motifs and plain negative space. The cute decorations feature a variety of playful cats and even a little mouse!  Trimmed with dainty frills and ruffles and an elegant sash this exquisite piece flawlessly combines the aura of childish dreams and mature adult sophistication! ♡


Lovers of Disney!  –  “Secret Honey” Princess Dresses!


The famous Lolita fashion icon and ambassador often Sayaka Kanda served as a model for this fantastic Disney collection! The new release of the spring Secret Honey x Disney collection, which is available now, perfectly captures the essence of a being a luminescent princess!

This series is a must have for any and all lovers of all classical Disney fairytales! See for yourself how the Disney and “Secret Honey” collaborated range of sweet, girly clothes is wonderfully stimulating in innocence and sweet virtue.

Once Upon A Dream One-Piece   :   (Sleeping Beauty Version)


Full of stunningly sweet motifs that feature many favorite scenes and characters from the classical tale! This pretty, slightly laced chest is so subtle in its coloring, silhouette, materials and placement of decorations that this inconspicuous one-piece works perfectly virtually any of your favorite blouses and stunning at any spring tea party!

Sweet Nightingale One-Piece   :   (Cinderella Version)


This charming and enjoyable piece also features many memorable scenes including the infamous wicked step mother and Cinderella scrubbing floors. The soft, airy, delicately trimmed pastel blouse works effortlessly with the light colored bottom half of this fantastic outfit!  For even heighted levels of kawaii, be sure to incorporate the “Sweet Nightingale” Apron Vest!

Happily Ever After One-Piece   :   (Disney Princess Version)


Featuring eight of the most loved and recognizable Disney Princesses at their iconic end scene, this chiffon, lace and tulle ruffled dress also features a cute cross lace up front further adding to the unique innocence of this Princess one-piece! How many famous characters can you spot?  For a hint here are four of the pictured eight!




Little Red Riding Hood

After all, if we’re talking classical fairytales then of course we’re not just talking Disney but also the Brothers Grimm! And of the plethora of brilliantly dark and haunting tales that there are, one the most well-known (besides the ones that were remade by Disney)

Despite the hundreds of tales told by the Grimm brothers, most are fairly unknown within Japan, except of course for the Disney remakes which include Snow White and Rapunzel etc, one of the most universally recognized tales is the emblematic “Little Red Riding Hood”!

Little Red Riding Hood Coat One-Piece


The first item to be introduced within the “Little Red” range is the beautiful BTSSB (Baby The Stars Shine Bright) dress. This fabulous piece needs absolutely no description for so perfect is the entire outfit that it seems as if the original illustrated text has personified itself and walked straight of the pages!  For more close-up photos from different angles, please be sure to check out the official link listed above!

“Little Red Hood Tartan Lace Up” One-Piece


The second “Little Red” item to be featured is this wonderful dress from Emily Temple Cute. With the majority being a timelessly classic gingham check upper it is stylishly highlighted by the super cute and super delicious looking picnic basket below, which was the reason why “Red” went to grandma’s house in the first place.  Available in either red or green, this lace trimmed and ribboned frock has an air of playfulness to it that may make you want to joyfully skip all the way to your next tea party!


Peter Rabbit

Fans of England’s Beatrix Potter’s, “The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends” will love our final introduction here! This is actually a second stage re-release item, as the original piece was so immensely popular and sold out so quickly that due to popular demand, it is back again for another round!!


This adorable jumper skirt elegantly expresses the wonderful “World of Peter Rabbit and Friends”. Featured within the delightful designs is of course the much loved Peter Rabbit himself yet also many other famous characters on both the hem and around the neckline.  The cute characters around the neckline are left open and creates a sweet atmosphere that they are free to play and have fun, whilst the lower motifs are framed with subtle descriptions of the characters and the tale from which they are most known for, creating a more conservative tone which seems to balance out the entire piece and end with a truly classical feel!

Since the Peter Rabbit theme is so rarely used within Japanese designed Lolita fashion this wonderful piece has the air of a somewhat exclusive premier item! Available in three different color schemes along with the animal theme motifs, this wonderful one-piece is perfectly suited for any and all spring and summer functions!  ♡



So that concludes this installment of our introduction to the latest releases of Fairytale themed Lolita dresses. We hope you enjoyed the variety of brands introduced rather than us simply sticking to one brand.  … Yet, to be honest, isn’t that actually what the true beauty and sincere essence of Lolita fashion is??  The fact that a common love of a theme can transcend boundaries and brands so that each label can produce their own unique take and style without fear of what others are doing.  ☆

Moreover, hopefully some of these fabulous fairytale fashions have tickled your fancy and inspired you to check out the official webpages and online stores of which all are linked below each corresponding photo.

Otherwise we hope this article may have brought out the inner child in you and inspired you to re-read (or read for the first time even) some of these or other great, classical fairytales! ♪