The Sweetness of Sweet!  ♡ Check Out These Delightful Designs!  ♡

The Sweetness of Sweet! ♡ Check Out These Delightful Designs! ♡

written by kawacura

Due to the synonymous and symbiotic correlation and relationship of Lolita x Tea Parties x Fashion x Kawaii … None of the previously stated terms can be used without conjuring up images and feelings of the other synergetic systems. In this installment we humbly present some of the latest and sweetest classic items that are undeniably “Sweet” in nature!

Leur Getter Newly Released “Sweetness”

Quoted as being one of the most favorite and loved brands of iconic Lolita models, ambassadors and idols, Misako Aoki and Sayaka Kanda, this beautifully crafted brand is a true forerunner of fashion! So if inspired by true style and those in the know, read on for more detailed descriptions of what these two famous Lolitas have to offer!


First off we have the elegant and distinctive “Petit Gateau” design series! With various styles and types of cakes on display the sweetness of this particular gown cannot be swallowed in a single taking!  With its high waist, square shoulders and neckline, cute motifs and comfortable and discreet tapering – this dress is too kawaii to qualify! Available in a variety of colors this piece can easily be matched and accessorized with all you existing favorites!


This brand new fantastic piece that only came out but a month ago is the soon to be famous “Lace Icing Cookie” dress! The symmetric sweetness of this one-piece cutely comes together with the unassuming kawaii collar, waist ribbon and earth-bound color tones.


The third Leur Getter item to be introduced here today is the fabulous “French Macaron JQ” dress!  With all the sweetness and design features of a dedicated jumperskirt or one-piece, this is in fact an actual overcoat!!  Literally shrugging off undesirable bulkiness this overcoat is simple in style and focused in fashion!

With three widely spaced chest buttons, and a ruffled pleated skirt this (brown or lavender) overcoat works well not only in the cooler winter months but also in the warmer times when wanting to add that something special to that already near perfect outfit, this is the time to salute it with!

The delicate unobtrusive designs and decorations are classical in cut and imaginary!  The jacquard weave and use of materials create a breathtaking three dimensional appearance.  With ribboned cuffs and macaron infused embellishments, this piece that is available in either brown or lavender will undoubtable be a key component of any wardrobe once included!


MILK & Emily Temple Cute “Sweets” Patterns ♡

When talking about sweetness, then of course the beautiful brands MILK and Emily Temple Cute without a doubt not only come to mind, yet are intrinsically entwined with the essence of kawaii!


The Cookie Girl series is so full of sweet deliciousness that simply looking at it waters the mouth and soul alike! ♪


The Parfait series in all its pastel prettiness is full of sweet designs and innocent silhouettes!  The baby doll style cut, square neckline, shortness of length and fun filled designs all contribute to make this wonderful dress an absolute stunning addition to any wardrobe! ☆


This delightfully delicious piece from Emily Temple Cute is as fresh as baker’s bread basket!  This dress is tastefully treated with an abundance of mouthwatering bagels, donuts and other scrumptious snacks.  With princess styled sleeves, and a fancy midriff ribbon, this vividly visual fashion is perfect for any and all tea parties!

The official Emily Temple Cute online store often has sensational sales and promotions to be sure to check in frequently so as not to miss out on some wonderful opportunities!


Accessorizing with Sweet Design Dresses

Moving on from the delightful dresses, we take a look at some amazing accessories that coordinate fantastically with fashion themes of this article.


When thinking of dresses decorated with sweets and delicacies, what motif could be better suited than a cute cutlery styled piece?! ♪

This wonderfully spoon bracelet and necklace produced by “Ank Rouge” elegantly and effortlessly tie together complete ensembles within a common theme without distracting from the more prominent points.


Lovers of both cute and sweet with a predisposition towards cakes and candies, will surely not be shocked to see that our last item is by the world famous “Q-pot! ♡  The fondant cake necklace along with virtually every other Q-pot piece is so rivetingly realistic that this small subtle item is sure to garner huge attention and admiration when coordinated with a suitably “Sweet” dress or outfit!



So with it still being the month of valentines and with “White Day” being just around the corner, why not look into acquiring some of these wonderful pieces and celebrate the sweetness of sweet kawaii-ness! ☆