A Collection of Cute Works Gather at Shibuya Parco!

A Collection of Cute Works Gather at Shibuya Parco!

written by kawacura

A new collection of beautifully cute works of art, be it illustrations or hand crafted accessories from a variety of artists and creators is currently being held at Shibuya Parco over a three month period!


The Makers, Movers and Shakers of Kawaii!



Many of the cutest and most popular kawaii designs, labels and artists have consistently been serialized and featured in the highly acclaimed fashion magazine KERA.

For those who are unfamiliar with KERA, it is an up-to-date print which continuously seeks out and highlights all the latest trends and expertise within a vastly wide range of sub-cultures along with professional, knowledgeable historical information and proficient predictions of future fashion hot-spots!

Thus it is no surprise that one of the main collaborating sponsors behind the “Kawaii” event is the iconic KERA!! It is through their vast network in which so many unique artists and exceptional “handmade” creators are able to participate in this commonly themed event! The strength of marketing power and reach can also be seen through the use of various SNS, including Twitter and Facebook, hashtag anchor: #カワイイメーカー (# kawaii maker)!!

So make sure you check out the sites for some behind the scenes look at how exquisite and extravagant some of the cute designs truly are! Otherwise, scroll down for more detailed event information so that you can attend in person!


“Cute Studio” Event Information






Dates :                  16th of Feburary 2016  ~  8th of May 2016

Location :             Shibuya Parco (Open 10:00  ~ 21:00)

Address :             〒150-8377,

15 – 1 Udagawa cho, Shibuya ku

Tokyo, Japan.

Website :             http://ameblo.jp/


Be sure to make your way down to Shibuya Parco to catch all the Kawaii-ness before the event runs out! Enjoy!