♪ Livin’ Lolita Loca! ♪   Romantic Rooms For Lovely Lolitas!

♪ Livin’ Lolita Loca! ♪ Romantic Rooms For Lovely Lolitas!

written by kawacura

The world of Lolita has fast become a truly international phenomenon that has struck a fundamental cord (or should I say corde ☆彡) in the hearts and minds of girls, and in some cases boys alike, all over the globe!

To some the Harajuku spawned and Nagoya / Kansai cultivated fashion is somewhat of a fringe fashion that deserves to be smirked at and ridiculed when seen in public. To others however, it is far more than a hobby or choice of style yet rather an entire code with intricate depths in which to live one’s life day in and day out, right round the clock!

So if you are perhaps a fan of the frilly, an enthusiast of elegance, a lover of Lolita, then read on! For in this article we highlight some of the chicest, most ruffled, frilled and laced furniture available which will turn any standard room into a genuine Lolita lair that would be fit for any fairytale princess (or prince)!!

The available range is currently divided into three of the most common sub-genres of Lolita fashion; Gothic, Classical and Princess (goth-loli, kura-loli & hime-loli).


Gothic Lolita :  (Goth-Loli)


First up let’s take a look at the dynamic and distinctive designs of the Gothic Lolita line of items.

Predominately styled in striking tones of captivating crimsons and brilliant blacks, this timeless classic combination of colors has proven itself time and time again, no matter what fashion label it is labelled under, the amalgamation of deep reds and black have forever touched a deep core within the human psyche and will continue to do so. Thus, if wanting a striking, prominent yet eternally everlasting premise for your place of habitat, then this is place in which you can furnish your furniture!

With a complete range of items that will ordain the quintessential essence of kawaii in all aspects of your house, be it the bed/bath room, foyer, kitchen, living or dining room etc. Romapri.com has essential everything you need to live in that perfect, princess (or antagonistic) world!


Classical Lolita :  (Kura-Loli)


Following on is the perpetually pleasing “Classic Lolita”. Seemingly strongly influenced by the timeless narrative of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, the romantic stylings and essence of this line is evidently fabulous in its elegant effervesce.  With compelling contours of Victorian vestures, this range of Rococo renovations will add flair and fabulousness to all styles of fashion!


Princess Lolita :  (Hime-Loli)


Superlatively sweet in all aspects, the “Princess” room also works perfectly for “Sweet Lolita” (Ama-Loli) fans as well! Soft and subtle in its pastel coloring the light, airy atmosphere is full of frills and delicate lace trimmings.  The regal styled bed and furniture effortlessly escalates any Lolita to new heights with a sense of majestic royalty!


Model : Midori Fukasawa

As a style advisor and cover model for the iconic and world famous fashion magazines KERA and the Gothic & Lolita Bible, Midori Fukasawa beautifully models the Lolita Room series featured here.  Therefore, following on are a few of Midori-san’s favorite items and recommended choices when furnishing your own Lolita room!


midori classic

midori princess

Hopefully this unique and stylish range of Lolita fused furniture fashion has inspired you to try and decorate your own surroundings in these wonderful fanciful furnishings! For more detailed information and pricing please visit Romantic Princess


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