MILPOM!!  The New Online Anime That Personifies Kawaii!

MILPOM!! The New Online Anime That Personifies Kawaii!

written by kawacura

The Wonderful World of MILPOM★


“MILPOM★”, presented by Bandai Namco Pictures (famous for its line of toys and animations), COVER, ASOBISYSTEM, and Vithmic is a widely popular anime series that can only be viewed online.  Despite only having only aired three episodes thus far a near cult following has already formed!

The premise of the story is set in an average unnamed town where it is the common norm for everyone to wear animal costume heads. It focuses on the everyday life of the main character MILPOM★ and her friends. Saturated with the essence of Kawaii and the lifestyles, thoughts and reactions of the girls who live the Kawaii life!


Cast and Characters

Another key aspect to the rapid success of the show, is perhaps due to choice of voice actresses, of whom all are active models in such popular fashion magazines as KERA etc.


・MILPOM:椎名 ひかり (Hikari Shiina)



・SILKY  :松本 愛 (Ai Matsumoto)



・CACAO :やの あんな (Anna Yano)



・HAPPY :紗希 柴田 (Saki Shibata)




・ディレクター : 古橋 太海  /   Director : Furuhashi Futomi



All episodes are available via the official MILPOM★ website, the BANDAI channel, YouTube along with various other sources.  Having beginning broadcasting in on the fifth of September 2015, the latest installment was aptly aired on Hina Matsuri (Dolls Day Festival), on the 3rd of March.


  •   Episode 1 : “What Kind of Bird is a Turkey Anyway!?”

In the first episode, MILPOM, SILKY, and CACAO chat about costumes for an upcoming Halloween party, which turns into an explosive girl talk!


  •   Episode 2 : “Pumpkin Pie is Hard to Say!”

This time, a new character HAPPY has joined the group.  All the girls are in a nail salon talking about Christmas when as always they burst into “Girl Talk” & outrageous happenings!


  •   Episode 3 : “The Guy You Fall For Is Your Type Of Guy!)

In the third episode, SILKY, CACAO and HAPPY visit a café where MILPOM works part-time. Their talk about love runs wilder and wilder over several ideal types of a boyfriend.


All video clips and images care of MILPOM★.   Hopefully you have also become a fan of this fun, light-hearted look at life as a “Harajuku Girl”!  Stay posted to see the next upcoming episode!