Best Buys and Brands for “Adult Lolitas” : Mail Order Special! ♪

Best Buys and Brands for “Adult Lolitas” : Mail Order Special! ♪

written by kawacura

One of the most reliable and trustworthy sources of all things Lolita, the highly acclaimed fashion magazine KERA constantly offers valuable information and mail order items regardless of the genre, be it sweet, classical, goth or any other style of Lolita fashion.

Here we take a look at some of the best buys and highest recommendations for Lolitas who wish for a slightly more mature elegant look.


KERA SHOP : The Front Runner of Fashion!


The online store of fashion magazine KERA, aptly named KERA SHOP, is an avenue which all of the latest trends and hottest items can easily be acquired regardless of brands, locations and time of day. The carefully selected items that are specifically targeted towards adult Lolitas include hugely popular and famous brands the likes of “Triple Fortune”, “Algonquins”, “Miho Matsuda” and many other various labels.

A perfect illustration of these hidden gems, the “Sky Rose” series from Triple Fortune is a fine example of colorful pastel patterns and mature / adult stylings! The somewhat gothic feel of Triple Fortune also generally features slightly longer skirt length which further adds to the “adult” atmosphere.


LIEF : Elegant Pastel Clothing for Adult Lolitas


The South Korean born and bred brand of “LIEF” is another prime example of how sweet and cute some Adult Lolita fashions can be! Above all of the charming aspects that make up this fabulous fashion brand, is the fact they have consistently produced and revealed new items each and every month!  Featuring strong uses of pretty pink pastels and solemn somber navies and blacks this is a brand that truly has something for everyone!  From delightful complex designs to simple single color plain pieces, the LIEF range is as vast as it is charismatic! Collaborating with “Physical Drop” domestic online sales within Japan via PayPal is an effortless breeze!


Victorian Maiden : Classical Lolita Royalty!


Another of the quintessentially iconic mature Lolita brands is the world renowned Victorian Maiden! The classical stylings and timeless designs from this leader of Lolita fashion is a favorite of many Lolitas regardless of the genre.  The substantial range and profoundly substantial variety of unique creations have enabled Victorian Maiden to be the basis of many wardrobes and a go to brand for any occasion!  With dignified lines, coloring and layers the chic panache of Victorian Maiden elegantly fuses traditional charm with modern flair.  ♪

The online mail order and shipping process of Victorian Maiden is efficient, user friendly and very reasonable priced.


“Magical Holic” : Where Maturity Meets Cuteness and Sweetness!


Based out of Kochi, Shikoku, the select shop of “J.A.M” launched the kawaii range “Magical Holic” in 2012. Focusing on Lolita, Gothic and Punk styles the store also carries many of the Lolita superstar brands like Angelic Pretty, Algonquins, Innocent World and many more!  The featured fairy doll jumper skirt is the photo above is a great example of the sweet pastel coloring and airy atmosphere of some of their unique designs!  The fully cuteness and stylish silhouette is full of girly innocence yet with a whiff of magical maturity that will definitely cast an enchanting spell over all who see their designs!  Be sure to check the official “J.A.M” website regularly so as to not miss out any fresh new designs!


“Pina Sweetcollection” : Frilly Adult Cuteness!


Full of ruffles, ribbons, frills, shirring and lace, the beautiful essence of Pina Sweetcolection is perfect for sweet Lolitas. The tiered chiffon frill dress above with its shirring neckline and ribboned high waist is not only gorgeous to view but also extremely comfortable to wear as well!  The Princess puff sleeves and crossover neck motif along with the elegant silver styled coloring makes this wonderful dress perfect for young and adult Lolitas alike!