Toughen Up! : How To Style A Dress With Boots!  ♪

Toughen Up! : How To Style A Dress With Boots! ♪

You should always dress according to your own fashion compass, no matter what season we’re in! Dresses with boots in the Springtime? Definitely. It’s time to forget about the “rules” and learn how to be fearlessly approach the art of styling. Yes, boots are made for walking in any season! So when it comes to wearing statement dresses with boots, no, you do NOT have to throw yours to the back of the closet simply because a warmer season is upon us. In order to get mileage out of the item that epitomizes winter fashion as we transition into Spring, just un-layer a few pieces (think scarves, jackets, hats, and tights) and get creative! Need some fashion inspiration for your unique personality? Here are some ideas:


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