“Puchipuraisu Kutsu”!!  Cheap, Inexpensive Shoes for Spring & Summer! ♪

“Puchipuraisu Kutsu”!! Cheap, Inexpensive Shoes for Spring & Summer! ♪

written by kawacura

“Puchipuraisu Kutsu”??

The term Puchipuraisu (プチプライス) is a very typical new age Japanese term in that it is a “wasei-eigo” (和製英語) combination of the Japanese slang word Puchi (プチ) meaning both fast / quick and minor / small and the English word “price”, which is pronounced “puraisu” (プライス).  Thus making the amalgamation cheap / inexpensive…

Therefore in this article we endeavor to highlight and share with you some of the top recommendations of new released shoes and pumps – from a variety of makers – that would be perfect for quaint and fashionable Lolita and Girly ensembles for the upcoming spring and summer seasons!


axes femme : Drawing Attention to Cute Lines!

Leading the charge is the extremely affordable and wonderfully stylish brand that is “axes femme”. Whilst they have a background in Lolita fashion of late they align themselves more to the universal concept of “Kawaii” rather than “Lolita”.  Thus there are still many, many pieces that are perfect for hardcore Lolitas, yet also other items which can service a wider community as well.

The delightfully stylish and harmonic lines that are the basis of most designs from axes femme don’t only apply to their range of footwear, yet also to the elegant dresses, jumper skirts and blouses etc. For an inside tip, the bags at axes femme are one of if not best buys and are definitely worth checking out!!




These sweet shoes are aptly named the “Chocolat Melty Pumps”. With the unique French script that continues / wraps over from the right to left buckle, cute ribboned heels and dainty toe line these pumps truly are one of a kind and great for acting as a conversation point at any upcoming tea party!  The platform soles also make these pumps as easy to walk in as they are easy on the eyes!  … Out of interest the French calligraphy on the buckle reads「あなたに夢中」in Japanese or as “Crazy about you!” or “Hooked on you!” in English.

Color : Tea (Brown) / Unbleached (White)

Price : ¥ 7,452 (tax inclusive)


New Release Spring Shoes From F i.n.t

Well known and extremely popular for their typically vintage and girly style the recent spring shoe series does not disappoint and is no exception!



Here we have the “Stitched Sole Strap Shoes”. These “Doc Martin” style shoes are super girlish is a practical man-ish way.  Featuring a solid non slip rubber sole which is durably stitched to the synthetic leather, a wide accommodating toe line open top and cute buckle closure all combine to make this kawaii pair of shoes both extremely functional and stylish at the same time!  Easy to match with a variety of styles these versatile shoes are extremely comfortable for a full days walking around Omotesando and Harajuku! ♡

Color : Red / Brown / Black

Price : ¥ 6,264 (tax inclusive)



Following on is the “T-Strap Ribbon Pumps”. These stylish feministic glossy enamel pumps have an elegant 7cm heel making them perfect when dressing up for that slightly more sophisticated occasion!  With two small and subtle same colored ribbons on the front and a simplistic heel and body, these pumps have a wonderful balance of cuteness and cultured elegance!  Also be sure to check out the official online store to see photos of the unique and classy buckle system!  ♪

Color : Red / Black

Price : ¥ 7,344 (tax inclusive)



The immensely popular “Double Ribbon Low Heel Pumps” are back for another spring release after selling out extremely quickly in its first round release. Cute yet unobtrusive, subtle yet stylish, these comfortable inexpensive shoes can be worn all day long with virtually any type of outfit!  Available in four different colors and at a easy price point of five thousand yen, it is possible (and recommended) to get a couple of colors to suit different cordes and whims whilst still staying comfortable on your feet and finances alike!

Color : Ivory / Red / Light Blue / Black

Price : ¥ 5,184 (tax inclusive)


Ank Rouge : A Perfect Score for Affordable Footwear

The final brand to be introduced here today is unfortunately not under the 10,000 yen rank, yet is still definitely worth purchasing!



The “Turibon Baby Flat Shoes” is another pair of popular, comfortable footwear that deserves attention.  The elegant cross over straps provide just the right amount of detail whilst still maintaining an open, simplistic look.  Beyond the sweet ribbon toes, the indiscreet heart shaped buckle is also another stylish highlight of these fantastic footwear!

Color : Pink / Black / Gold

Price : ¥ 10,584 (tax inclusive)



The “Pearl Strap Ribbon Pumps” is another elegant, “girly” item that fits perfectly with various Lolita fashion, especially classical and sweet Lolita. With smooth clean lines, a plump ribbon on the toe and mid-level heel height together with the pristine pearls all come together to create a magnificently mature and refined in its overall atmosphere!

Color : Pink / Purple / Black

Price : ¥ 11,880 (tax inclusive)



In deciding this list we primarily focused on a “price vs performance” variable in which the quality, durability, comfort and style far exceed the cost price! Therefore after careful consideration and deliberation of the near countless styles and brands that are available today, these are the finalists for this round.  Of course there are many other indescribably beautiful pieces all over the world, we wanted to stay locally and try to introduce some iconic pieces from Japan / Tokyo / Harajuku of which some people may not be familiar with.

Hopefully you will agree with our recommendations and visit the official site of each maker (of which have all been linked underneath each featured photo) as new styles and designs are constantly being updated as well as campaign sales and bargain discount deals being offered!