Sukiyaki x Sakizo : The School of Magic Uniform!

Sukiyaki x Sakizo : The School of Magic Uniform!

written by kawacura

In the wonderful world of Fantasy, the idea of a school of magic is a common occurrence. So from leading fashion label Felissimo comes this beautiful “Sukiyaki” series which is inspired by the imagined school uniforms of fantastical schools of magic!  So read on to learn more about the newly released “Sukiyaki” model!


Sukiyaki × Sakizo (Saki collection) Magic School Series


In this exquisite collaboration the exquisite drawings from renowned illustrator Sakizo come to life in this beautiful ensemble!  Drawing inspiration from a world of fantasy and schools of magic, the classical style and silhouette seamlessly come together to create a truly believable atmosphere of otherworldly enchantment!  So authentic is the creation that it is easy to imagine a fairytale villain dressed so!

Made up of three distinctive items, the shirred chest dress with its removable ruffled lace necktie, bolero and corset-style belt – the entire outfit is wonderfully high in aesthetics. Full of intricate attention to detail and lovely lace and adornments all combine to create an amazing layered 3D effect!

Available for 25,000 yen for the three piece set, each item is also sold separately which allows for mixing and matching with other outfits. So if these fantastically romantic designs have tickled your fancy be sure to get in quick before stocks sell out!








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