Introducing the World’s First Lolita Knives!

Introducing the World’s First Lolita Knives!

written by kawacura

We here at KawaCura know that Lolita can mean a lot of different things to many different people, just as the term Kawaii has become more of a feeling than a describable word. To some Lolita is some kind of Cosplay, yet to true Lolitas, it is a way of life, an essence of self, the Tao of Fashion!

So it is for those serious and dedicated Lolitas that here we introduce the specialized Lolita knife collection! Why only for the serious dedicated you may be wondering, well, once hearing the price you will know why!



What to Choose? The Dark Juliette or the Sweet Lappin??


Within all of the subtle sub-genres of Lolita fashion, the two main prevalent groups of styles are generally split into either a lighter, softer camp or a darker, edgier element. Typically speaking sweet, classical and princess Lolita etc. versus the goth, punk, “kimo” Lolita styles.  Thus it is no surprise that the wonderful craftspeople at Takumi Armory located in Hyogo-ken (that’s right, not all that is Lolita exclusively comes out of Harajuku!) have created a choice for all Lolita enthusiasts! ♡

The Juliette ★


Styled with an elegant and elaborate butterfly wing spread on the spine along with intricately designed thorned roses all capped by an easy to hold lace covered handle! That all said, this is not simply a decorative piece yet also a fully functioning knife with a sharp cutting blade which can be re-sharpened if needed.

Priced at 198,000 yen or roughly $1,800 however, this unique and stylish knife is sure to cut deep into your savings!

The Lappin ☆


With a kawaii little bunny rabbit head on the handle and full of cute engraved and imprinted hearts of different sizes and designs. ♪ The pretty pink and white strip handle is securely attached to the forge cast steel so that the precise cutting edge is extremely sharp and able to be sharpened.

Like the Juliette, the Lappin is also quite regally priced at 168,000 yen or about $1,500, which is equivalent to approximately the entirety of two months’ salary for a Harajuku fashion (part-time or even full time) shop staff’s wage!!



So how have these two pretty, picturesque knives stimulated your senses? Just imagine whipping out the Juliette to cut off a slice of some rich, dark, bitter-sweet chocolate mud cake at your next tea ceremony!  Otherwise if something lighter and sweeter is more to your taste, then why not use the Lappin to deftly dish out a slice of sweet strawberry shortcake? ♡

Yet beware, as each piece is carefully crafted and specially made to order, there is a possible two month waiting time upon placement of order so get in quick to avoid any further back queues as despite the price, these world first truly unique Lolita knives are sure to find some eager aficionados throughout the world!


For more information or if wanting to purchace, please visit the official Takumi Armory website.


All images care of Takumi Armory